Winter relief 2019 “DAFFINI” – Second convoy to Rouhiya / Siliana

Given the high number of people affected by the cold snap, the Sousse section of the Atta3aouen Association carried out on March 3rd, 2019 and in coordination with the Association “Development without Borders” for the second time a convoy of to help Rouhia from the governorate of Siliana. This time we helped 51 new needy families, the total number of beneficiaries reached 101 families.
The donations distributed consist of food products (cuckoos, pasta, soup, canned tomatoes, vegetable oil, sugar, milk, flour, harissa, semolina) new quilts and mattresses, new coats and shoes and a large amount of used clothing.
We thank all the donors and volunteers for their support and would like to appeal to all Tunisians whether they are residents inside or outside the country to join us.
Indeed, the visits made to this region have allowed us to discover very difficult living conditions for these families, and the expected interventions far exceed our resources and our efforts.